IRON MAIDEN – Live in South Africa

In 2016, the list of bands I got to see live, got longer. On that list was a band that I only dreamt of seeing one day… Iron Maiden. I never thought I would be so lucky because they’ve been around longer than I’ve been alive. They came to South Africa back in 1995 but I was still a little girl, yet to discover the wonderful world of metal.

Iron Maiden Live in South Africa

Like almost all the other concerts, this one had an amazing vibe. There was a lot of controversies about the band and them coming to South Africa.

One of them was probably the biggest one too. Iron Maiden was rumoured to be giving away 50 000 satanic bibles on the night of the concert… haha! Don’t even get me started on the subject of metal music and satanism. I don’t think I have enough space on my blog to vent about how naive you have to be to believe that! Those must be the same people who believe the earth is flat?

But let’s get back to the reason for this blog post… This amazing band!

Here are some very cool facts that you might not have known about.

♣ Iron Maiden was formed in 1975 in the UK. A whopping 11 years before I was born.

♣ Steve Harris, Iron Maiden’s bassist, has a full-sized soccer pitch in his back garden, which is the home ground of Iron Maiden’s own soccer team consisting of the members of the band and their associates.

♣ Unlike most bands or pop stars who have their own private jet, Iron Maiden has their own Boeing 747 called Ed Force One. Which they use to fly all over the world on tour.

Ed Force One

♣ Except for also being the pilot for Ed Force One, Bruce Dickenson created his own aircraft maintenance and pilot company, presented his own radio show, authored novels and movie scripts, created a successful beer brewing company, competed at fencing internationally where he was once listed seventh in the rankings for Great Britain and he also won his battle with cancer.

♣ They were the first international metal band to play in India, to over 30 000 people who came from all over Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and India.

♣ Bruce was expelled from boarding school for taking a leak in the headmaster’s soup. I kid you not!

♣ Now lastly, ask yourself, what makes a good priest? Is it prayer? Devotion to church? Resisting temptation? Or those weird looking white collar things? How about 168 Iron Maiden tattoos? Enter Marcos “Padre” Motolo… He has been the minister of his local church in Brazil since 2005. This is not your average ordinary church. Padre is making church much, much cooler than it is ever been before. He believes that Iron Maiden is a religion in its own right. Not content with his 168 Iron Maiden tattoos, the self-proclaimed number one fan has even named his first born son Steve Harris. Motolo is preaching to his followers using only the morality of Iron Maiden lyrics. Not a single Bible to be found.

There is nothing much in life that can give me the feeling that I get from going to a concert. Even treatment hasn’t stopped me before, although I have to go in a wheelchair. But that is good news for all the people out there in a wheelchair, all the concerts I’ve been to is wheelchair friendly!

What is your favourite Iron Maiden song? I would love to hear from you in the comments. My favourite song is Fear of the dark. I still get goosebumps whenever I think back to how thousands of people sang the song back to Bruce. Also, tell me if you were at the South African concert?



Iron Maiden Concert and Facts about the band



Why I Blog

I always wanted to blog. I can remember starting to talk about it back in 2008. But I never had the guts. “What if people think I’m stupid”? was one of the things that came to my mind a lot. The other reason I was scared, was because of time… (yes it is time-consuming) But I was scared that I might not have felt up to it after treatment or a random flare up. But I’m so glad I started this blog.

I have always wanted to journal my life. I have at least 5 empty journals in my study right now to prove my good intentions. I just don’t want to forget all the good stuff, and I want to remember all the bad stuff too, to be honest. I want to read back in a year’s time and see that I overcome certain things that tried to knock me over.  I want to remember it all…to reflect on it, to share it, to keep it close to me. And I want to remember all the travels, laughs, good food and concerts too. All the things that make my heart beat faster.

Why I blog

When I played around with the thought of blogging some more, I thought that I will blog about all the fun stuff, and leave out anything and everything about my illness. But that would have been fake as it is such a big part of my life. Whether I like it or not. So I made the decision to include it. Every raw detail of every step of my life. And I’m so glad that I did because the feedback I got blew me away.

A lot of people asked me how we travel so much and go out so much while dealing with an illness too. And I just never made it an option in my life. I never gave myself the choice to sit back and let life slip away. I took it as it was. I wanted to live my life as normal as possible and I’m sure I can say that I almost succeed.

I got asked how we take a wheelchair everywhere we go as a lot of people are under the impression that when you make use of a wheelchair that your world becomes smaller. And I want to prove them wrong.

I want to show that you can go almost anywhere and still do almost everything that healthy people do.

I also want to blog to raise awareness. To show the censored side of what your own body can do to you. To show and enlighten people about what treatment does to you.

I want to blog to give hope to those who no longer have hope. To show that you can travel, eat, go out and have a good time with friends while battling for your life too, and still smile.

Positivity is a choice.

I haven’t been blogging very long, but I hope that I have the opportunity to do so for many years to come. I wouldn’t have had come this far in life without my hubby who supports me during every second of it all.

Thank you to every single person who read my blog. Thank you to those of you who send me inbox messages on social media telling me that I inspire you. You guys make all of this worth it! ♥

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My January Favourites


Happy Monday! I can’t believe we are going into the third week of January already. I hope you have been enjoying this heatwave we have been experiencing here in Gauteng. Nothing like the weather our friends over in the UK have had for the last month or so.

I thought I might share with you all my favourite things for the month of January.

Weekend Destination: Hennops Hiking Trail and Picnic

With the extremely nice weather we’ve been having this summer, we decided to pack a few things and opted for a day out somewhere to braai and swim. It’s not even a 25-minute drive from our home in Centurion. With a beautiful hiking trail, loads of areas for a picnic or braai and 2 swimming pools. It was a great choice.


Style: Speaking of said heatwave, I got all my dresses out from the back of my closet. I love me some lightweight, comfy and flowy maxi dresses. The right fit will look gorgeous and flattering on almost all women, any shape and size. Pulling a dress over your head is so easy, making the only thing you need to worry about, your makeup melting off your face. Haha!

Here are 2 maxi dresses that I’m in love with at the moment.

This one is from Spree and won’t hurt your budget either, at only R340! Click here to go shop this dress.

The second dress I love is from Superbalist. I like how it looks super comfy. This one will also not take a bite out of your budget at only R449. Click here to shop this dress.  

Both these dresses will look great with some metallic jewellery and a wide-brimmed hat. Making them perfect for the Summer. I have shopped at both online stores that I mentioned and can honestly recommend them both.


Movie: Jumani: Welcome to the Jungle.

I’ve recommended this movie to all my friends already. I can’t remember the last time we laughed from almost the very beginning till the end of a movie. This is hilarious. And as a bonus, it has Jack Black in it too. And who doesn’t love Jack Black! I liked the original Jumanji from 1995 too and this might be my favourite movie this year. That’s saying a lot, as we are still in January. Why are you still reading this? Go book your tickets online NOW to watch it in 3D!!!



Instagram Account to follow: Braeden Mckay

If you love beautiful travel photos, then give his account a follow. He is based in Canada and loves travelling. You won’t believe how young he still is, which amazes me with the amount of talent he has regarding photography! I’m looking forward to seeing where his talent takes him in the future.




Read: Dead Gods: The 27 Club

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I’m currently reading this beaut. I’m a huge lover of music and got this book from the hubster for Christmas. And I can’t put it down. As the title states, it’s all about the famous legends that died at the age of 27. And all the music, sex, drugs and scandals that went along with it. I won’t get into it too much here, as I would love to do a full book review post on this book, as I feel it deserves a lot more than a measly mention in my favourites post.

Drink: At the moment my favourite drink is coffee. In my favourite unicorn mug. One teaspoon decaff, no sugar with skim milk. No fancy cocktails or beers this month as I just came off a week of treatment and am taking things slow.


TV Show: Stranger Things.

If you don’t know what Stranger Things are, then I only have one question for you… Have you been living under a rock?? This show captivated me since the very first episode! And I’m not sure if it is the set design, the music, the storyline or actors, but this show is currently my number one series of all time! Kicking Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead from their first place on my list. And that’s saying a lot! I’m currently taking my time to watch season 2 on Netflix as Millie Bobby Brown said on her Instagram that they haven’t started filming on season 3 yet.




Designer Dupe: If splurging is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, then I have just the investment you have been looking for. This classic black shoe is from Gucci and will cost R4150. Investing in classic pieces that you can wear with everything is always a good idea and will last you a very long time. You can shop this patent leather Gucci sandals at The Changing Room online. They sell second-hand designer goods at a very good price.


If saving sounds more like your thing this year, then these designer dupes would be perfect. I know “trying” to save is definitely part of my goals this year. I say trying because it’s not always easy. You know a sale can distract a girl! But check out these black block heels from Spree for only R349.


This was just a few of my favourite things this month! As you can see I’m all about chilling this month and shopping online. I would love to hear what some of your favourites are in the comments below.