Florence Welch’s Pyjama Collection

Florence Welch, more known as the lead singer of Florence and The Machine, has designed a Pyjama Collection! The singer has collaborated with Liberty London to create a glamorous sleepwear range but still true to her eclectic style.

Florence was quoted saying:” I think I dream in paisleys, so, for me, this collaboration is just a dream come true.” Yes Florence, it’s a dream come true for me too. (insert heart eyes)


florence and the machine


She told Vogue Magazine that she has developed a habit of waking up, drinking lots of coffee and writing poetry in her pyjamas.

It just makes sense to have nice pyjamas to sleep in. And when I’m touring and travelling it makes me feel at home if I’ve got some nice patterns to sleep in. But actually, I just really fucking love pyjamas!

Arent those patterns just gorgeous and look so soft? I’m sure this counts as more than pyjamas and loungewear.

As someone who basically lives in pyjamas when I’m on treatment or having an off-ish day, and someone who loves, loves, lurves silk jammies, this sounded beyond a pyjama clad dream come true. Florence has an eclectic style and her sense of adventure mirrors that. I have always admired her style. Not to mention that her lyrics pull at my heartstrings.

florence and the machine cosmic love

One of my favourite Florence songs. My other favourite is What The Water Gave Me. ♥

florence and the machine

So my thought process was that seeing that we are travelling to London in December, I can order a pair online and have them delivered to our friends in the UK. But although I’m a huge fan of Florence, her voice, and fashion in general, I just couldn’t justify spending R6750 on a pair of pyjamas. Sorry Florence, my Dog days are not over just yet…

For now, I’ll go back to singing along with Florence while in the car, pretending to be one of her backup singers. and hint at my husband to buy me her book! HINT HUSBAND, hiiiiiinnnnntttt!



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  1. Bee
    Bee says:

    R6000 for a pjs!!!…I assume you can wear them to Oscars at that price. Screw the ball gown! Check ASOS the UK based and might have something similar at a reasonable price!

  2. Madelein Ackermann
    Madelein Ackermann says:

    Very nice PJ’s…but us poor South Africans can’t pay over six grand for them. Maybe oneday when our ships come in there will be crates of Florence’s pajamas on them.

  3. Marie
    Marie says:

    Looks like it will just have to rob a bank for this one!! 😎Or…. just keep on listening to the music 💜 on those lazy pyjama days….. without Florence’s Pyjama Collection! 😔


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