Goddess Revolution #4 Christmas Traditions

Christmas Time! My favourite time of the year. To be honest, I’m really big on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But this time of the year just feels special. Getting together with friends and family, seeing kids get excited, all the food, listening to Christmas carols and of course, all the gift giving and receiving. Our house gets decorated and the tree goes up on the 1st of December, just so that we have a whole month of holiday festivities. And who can forget all the traditions? The ones we grew up with and the ones we created with our own partners and families. So on this lovely day in December we are sharing our favourite Christmas traditions.


Christmas Traditions


Relene Croukamp

I love the whole holiday season. And we have a few traditions that I wouldn’t change for anything. On every Christmas Eve night, after spending the day with family, my husband and I make a Christmas bed in the living room and sleep with the Christmas lights on. On Christmas day we open gifts and spend the day with family again. We also started a new tradition this year. We will be buying one ornament each, to add to our tree. Something that represents us, how we feel that day. Be it fancy, funny or just plain silly. This one I love, because for the last 10 years our tree had a theme, and in years to come, our tree will be full of memories and funny ornaments, each with a story to go with it.

Lizle Van Der Westhuizen

Christmas Holiday in the Van Der Westhuizen house means relax time and appreciate each other’s company. Every second year we would pack up to go down to the coast. This year will be very different.  We will spend our holiday at home and I actually prefer it that way. This will give me time to bake some cookies and treats. Spend some time with my 13-year-old daughter and also do gardening. I usually go on leave from the 13th, so that week I will clear out my cupboards and clothing. Spring clean as we all know it…

I enjoy having my family over for a lunch on Christmas Eve and after eating we will open our gifts. I just enjoy relaxing on Christmas day. Eating everything I shouldn’t eat. Decorating the tree, putting up all the lights and placing the gifts under the tree are something we all get excited about. Our dog and cat also get a gift in the Christmas Stocking, so everyone is looked after.

I just love the Christmas holidays, it is so special to spend this time with your loved ones.


Tiffany Prinsloo

I know it’s not really what Christmas is about but, o my word presents, food, Christmas carols and fairy lights… I LOVE IT!

On Christmas eve my dad puts on his Santa hat and hands out everyone’s gifts, we usually try to stay up as late as possible before we get our gifts, but with age, it gets more difficult. We still manage to make it to 10pm at least…haha!

On Christmas day the whole family gathers back at my parents’ house to stuff our faces with all the delicious food my mom made, afterwards vowing we won’t be eating for the next month we’re so full, only to find ourselves back the next morning for a massive brunch!


Simoney Vosloo

I love Christmas, it is my favourite holiday!

It is a time for family and friends to meet up, and when no excuse is acceptable. We all have a get-together, usually on my dad’s farm having a festive feast and exchanging small gifts between one another. After all the food and gifts, my favourite tradition happens, giving gratitude! We each take a turn to say to the person that is on your left what you grateful for about them. Most of the time we all end up in tears, but they are happy grateful tears. When life happens, we tend to forget to give thanks to each other, and what better way than to do it on Christmas?



Marie’ Venter

Christmas Traditions! On the 1st of December we always put up the Christmas Tree and lights around the house. To get into that Festive Mood you know! Since I moved out – that has become my own tradition as well! Every year my mom decides who gets to decorate the Christmas Tree, Christmas Eve table and then Christmas Day table. With three daughters – that love doing this she had to come up with some kind of plan! WHAT A FEAST we have!!!

Our special day is Christmas Eve, we were never big on giving “big” presents – it’s more about the thought that counts! We “try” and wait for 12 o’clock on the Christmas Eve to open up the presents, but this does not really always work……you know not everyone is that young in my family anymore hehe!! Everyone comes and sit around the Christmas Tree and my Dad will take out the Bible. He always reads out of the book Lukas 2 – This is the part of Jesus Christ birth and he will talk to us about the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. This is a tradition that we always have done and will keep on doing it – something very special to us. After that – PRESENTS!! Whoever has the Christmas hat on is Santa Claus for the evening – that would usually be me and I get to hand out the presents and take photos!

Christmas Day for us is just as special! We have a great feast after church and veg out for the rest of the day with the family! The Christmas time has always been one of my favourites, not just because I am a December Baby 🙂 but because of the meaning of it and the time that I can spend with my family!!



Madelein Ackermann

Christmas Eve we go to the Christmas Eve Church Service and at midnight we open our presents. My favourite part of the day is visiting family, eating way too much and having trifle pudding. A day with the family – even though it’s a lot smaller the last few years – has always been my favourite part of Christmas.



Mieke Botha

Since my family wasn’t much of a huge Christmas family, we never really had a memorable tradition during December. One thing I do remember was that we were allowed to relax to the max. Nobody felt guilty for doing absolutely nothing all day, and we were allowed to have a restoring holiday. My mother would sunbathe and swim all day, and my dad would read and swim all day with snacks. Then we usually made a great roast on Christmas evening and opened our presents. It was almost a “see how lazy you can get” tradition which included great food the whole time. Definitely my type of Christmas.

Jacqueline Bosch

To me, this is the best time of the year. As a kid, I enjoyed decorating the tree, and my sister and I would always fight to put the star on top of the tree. We made a list to our mom and dad for what we wanted for Christmas after we went through the newspaper advert of all the toys.

But now that I’m a mother, I think Christmas is so much more fun than when I was a kid because I get to see my sons’ reactions to Christmas. Getting excited to decorate the tree and writing letters to Santa.

Something sweet that happened last week was that my one of my son’s had Santa come to their pre-school and giving out gifts. His class was scheduled to receive gifts on the Friday. But from Monday to Thursday Santa was going to all the other classes which stressed out my son. On the Thursday my son came home and told us that he hasn’t received a gift yet. He went into the kitchen and got some cookies and milk to put out for Santa. After a while, the cookies and milk were finished. And when I asked my son what happened, he told me that Santa is taking his time and that the milk will become sour so he had to finish it. That night he asked us to pray and ask Jesus to please remind Santa not to forget him. The next day he got his gift from Santa, and when he got home he told us that the prayer worked as Jesus told Santa to bring his gift and he did! I just think this is priceless!

Christmas is about faith and Jesus, and sometimes we forget what we should be thankful for.


I loved reading this. It warmed my heart. As we all know that people spend Christmas with family and friends. But just what special traditions everyone has is not something that gets talked about often. It’s kind of special to have these traditions shared for everyone to read. What is your favourite Christmas Tradition? Share it with us in the comments below…

I hope that everyone has the best Festive Season and remembers to cherish those with whom we get to spend it with.

Merry Christmas!

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