IRON MAIDEN – Live in South Africa

In 2016, the list of bands I got to see live, got longer. On that list was a band that I only dreamt of seeing one day… Iron Maiden. I never thought I would be so lucky because they’ve been around longer than I’ve been alive. They came to South Africa back in 1995 but I was still a little girl, yet to discover the wonderful world of metal.

Iron Maiden Live in South Africa

Like almost all the other concerts, this one had an amazing vibe. There was a lot of controversies about the band and them coming to South Africa.

One of them was probably the biggest one too. Iron Maiden was rumoured to be giving away 50 000 satanic bibles on the night of the concert… haha! Don’t even get me started on the subject of metal music and satanism. I don’t think I have enough space on my blog to vent about how naive you have to be to believe that! Those must be the same people who believe the earth is flat?

But let’s get back to the reason for this blog post… This amazing band!

Here are some very cool facts that you might not have known about.

♣ Iron Maiden was formed in 1975 in the UK. A whopping 11 years before I was born.

♣ Steve Harris, Iron Maiden’s bassist, has a full-sized soccer pitch in his back garden, which is the home ground of Iron Maiden’s own soccer team consisting of the members of the band and their associates.

♣ Unlike most bands or pop stars who have their own private jet, Iron Maiden has their own Boeing 747 called Ed Force One. Which they use to fly all over the world on tour.

Ed Force One

♣ Except for also being the pilot for Ed Force One, Bruce Dickenson created his own aircraft maintenance and pilot company, presented his own radio show, authored novels and movie scripts, created a successful beer brewing company, competed at fencing internationally where he was once listed seventh in the rankings for Great Britain and he also won his battle with cancer.

♣ They were the first international metal band to play in India, to over 30 000 people who came from all over Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and India.

♣ Bruce was expelled from boarding school for taking a leak in the headmaster’s soup. I kid you not!

♣ Now lastly, ask yourself, what makes a good priest? Is it prayer? Devotion to church? Resisting temptation? Or those weird looking white collar things? How about 168 Iron Maiden tattoos? Enter Marcos “Padre” Motolo… He has been the minister of his local church in Brazil since 2005. This is not your average ordinary church. Padre is making church much, much cooler than it is ever been before. He believes that Iron Maiden is a religion in its own right. Not content with his 168 Iron Maiden tattoos, the self-proclaimed number one fan has even named his first born son Steve Harris. Motolo is preaching to his followers using only the morality of Iron Maiden lyrics. Not a single Bible to be found.

There is nothing much in life that can give me the feeling that I get from going to a concert. Even treatment hasn’t stopped me before, although I have to go in a wheelchair. But that is good news for all the people out there in a wheelchair, all the concerts I’ve been to is wheelchair friendly!

What is your favourite Iron Maiden song? I would love to hear from you in the comments. My favourite song is Fear of the dark. I still get goosebumps whenever I think back to how thousands of people sang the song back to Bruce. Also, tell me if you were at the South African concert?



Iron Maiden Concert and Facts about the band


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