Seether Live at Marks Park Emmarentia 2018

A few weeks ago, my husband saw the facebook announcement… And if you are a metalhead, like us, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The Facebook post that announces the next band to brace South African shores. The bands that you listen to as a teenager. The bands with the songs that get you through hard times.

We have a long list of bands that we got to see live and an even longer list of bands that we still want to see. Just call it our CONCERT BUCKETLIST.

On my list was Seether. So imagine my excitement when my husband uttered the words “Seether kom Suid Afrika toe!” Like tradition, I woke up the morning the tickets go on sale with anxiety. Metal bands coming to South Africa is a big deal, and tickets get sold out extremely fast. But I managed to get us VIP tickets!

Seether Concert live in South Africa

On Sunday I officially ticked Seether off my band bucketlist. And what a show it was.

Seether Live in South Africa

This was the band’s first time back home here in South Africa in almost 6 years. And they only booked one show in Johannesburg. Lucky us!

One of the things I love most about concerts and metalheads, in general, is that we all feel like family members. About a year ago I met a fellow metalhead friend through work. So on Sunday, we decided to meet up for a beer. After about 10 minutes of making our way through the massive crowd of people, we felt lost. So she legitimately sent me this photo to indicate where exactly they were.

Yes, this is her husband. Hahaha!

We followed instructions and found them! And it was awesome! The feeling like you have been friends for years and having so much in common. It’s true what they say, metalheads are like a big family. ♥

The band was beyond awesome! Shaun Morgon’s headbanging and his voice never disappoint. Hearing the crowd sing every word to Country Song and Fake It gave me goosebumps. And at every concert, I get reminded that I live for this feeling!

The Setlist:

  • Stoke The Fire
  • Gasoline
  • Let You Down
  • Truth
  • Rise Above This
  • Betray and Degrade
  • Words as Weapons
  • Save Today
  • Country Song
  • Driven Under
  • Fine Again
  • Broken
  • Sympathetic
  • Nobody Praying for Me
  • Fake It
  • 69 Tea
  • Remedy

Seether Live in South Africa 2018


Seether Live in South Africa 2018


I feel like there is one thing that everyone was talking about that is worth the mention… The beer choices were shitty! But all in all another great concert by another great band! Legendary! Seether is off to Australia next for their Poison the Parish tour. Followed by New Zealand and Germany.


Side Note: To the idiots in the VIP section wearing full-blown fur outfits… Not knowing a single word to the great band performing… Standing up on the table just to take photos of each other showing the peace sign with the band in the background… You blocked the view of so many true Seether fans you inconsiderate idiots! Also, this is South Africa, not Alaska. So kindly fuck off back to Coachella! 



Seether Live in South Africa 2018

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