The Crappiest book I’ve ever read

I’m a big bookworm! From my Takealot wishlist having over a 100 books waiting for me to press “add to cart”. To my Pinterest board called Book Porn which I pin to almost daily.

Not that I have any more space on my bookshelves or anywhere for that matter for any extra books.

Luckily this book, like I mentioned in my title, is a book that I got from someone who thought it was “the best book ever”. Or something I might be interested in. And I can say with all honesty that it’s not…

james frey book flatlay

A million little pieces by James Frey

Ever heard of the term “grammar nazi”? Well, let me introduce myself… haha just kidding. Or am I? I have the biggest pet peeve of people who don’t care to spell their, they’re or there correctly. So if you are anything like me, throw this book in the fire! It will irritate you just as much as it irritated me. I really hated the writing style. It was little picky things like repeats of a sentence or a word just to make a point and capitalized letters in the middle of a sentence. Sentences without commas. It just irritated me to no end.

But did I stop reading? Nooo. I said I hated grammar mistakes, not that I’m a quitter.

So I only read up on this book after I was finished with it. And imagine my disgust to find out it was all lies. This author even went as far as going on The Oprah show and telling Oprah how this all really happened as A Million Little Pieces and the followup My Friend Leonard was supposedly his memoirs.

james frey a million little pieces. book flatlay

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good fiction.

At no point in this book did I feel like congratulating Frey for overcoming his addictions. I just didn’t care. He explains in the book over and over again how he is apparently the only person on earth that could overcome addiction without the twelve steps. Even quoting the book: “It won’t work James, no one has ever stopped being an addict without the twelve steps.” Well isn’t James just a walking miracle?  He is also so cool that he can go to a crackhouse while still in rehab and not do any crack. Great job! Not…

I have no clue why anyone would think this was worthwhile reading material. Especially for me. I found it to be vapid, self-aggrandizing bullshit from start to finish. Frey making himself out to be the hero.

“If there was a God. I would spit in his face for subjecting me to this. If there was a Devil, I would sell my sould to make it end. If there was something Higher that controlled our f***ing fates, I would tell it to take my fate and shove it up its fu*king ass. Shove it hard and far, you motherf***er. Please end. Please end. Please end.” – James Frey (a quote from A Million Little Pieces)

james frey /book /flatlay /reading

While researching James, I saw that he is the author of quite a few books. But it would take a whole lot of convincing to get me read any of his other books if his writing style is anything to go by.

So why am I writing this you may ask? Just in hopes that you will decide not to read this shit! You would have a much better time reading the operating manual for your toaster or kettle.


james fray/a million little pieces/ book/flatlay

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