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Every person I know has a travel bucket list or some kind of list of things to do and places they want to see before they die. If you don’t have one, then what are you waiting for? There is nothing more satisfying than ticking something off a list. Or maybe that’s just the OCD side in me.

I always knew I had a “Gallivanter Soul”. I have never missed being home, even as a small child, and I often feel depressed when we don’t have a trip planned soon after one has ended. I’m sure a lot of people can relate. But that will probably be where the similarities end.

You see, we are what regular folks call weird… And this bucket list might prove that too.  Although there might be a few destinations that seem normal, most of them are what they call “Dark Tourism”. Add to that our love for concerts and history, and you get our perfect bucket list… As seen below. I’ll come back to this list regularly to update it and have clickable links to the ones we “ticked off” our list. 

A person who likes to travels a lot and goes around from one place to the another in pursuit of amusement, fun or pleasure is called a ‘Gallivanter’.

Travel Bucketlist for the weird dark tourist


Our List

⇒ Columbia: Pablo Escobar History Tour in Medellin

⇒ WW2 Historical Sites in Germany

⇒ Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico

Bucketlist for the weird dark tourist. Day of the Dead festival

⇒ Explore India

⇒ Visit Kurt Cobain’s hometown Aberdeen, Washington

⇒ See Rammstein perform in their home country, Germany. We have seen them while they were in SA!

⇒ Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert.

bucketlist for the weird dark tourist. Burning man Festival

⇒ Attend the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.

⇒ Drink Beer at Oktoberfest in Germany.

⇒ Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora.

⇒ Visit Roswell in New Mexico.

Bucketlist for the weird dark tourist. Roswell.

⇒ Visit the real Santa in Lapland, Finland. Haha! You didn’t see this one coming, did you?

⇒ See the F1 in Monaco. Or in Canada. Or in Abu Dhabi. Basically, go to a Formula 1 race anywhere in the world.

⇒ Spend a night in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Stephen King’s visit to the Hotel inspired The Shining.

⇒ Area 51. As if that would ever be allowed… Insert eye roll here… But as a big lover of Conspiracies, this would be extremely cool!

⇒ Explore Castles in Scotland

⇒ Pearl Habour Tour in Oahu, Hawaii.

⇒ The Swiss Alps

⇒ Oradour-sur-Glane in France. Oradour-sur-Glane is a little village that was a site of a grisly massacre by a German Waffen-SS company in the WW2.

⇒ Banff, Canada.

⇒ Chernobyl. Now, if you don’t know me, you might think this is insane. But those who do indeed know me well will know that abandoned cities and disasters are what sets my soul on fire. Almost as much as music does!

Travel Bucketlist for the weird dark tourist. Chernobyl.

⇒ See the Northern Lights.

⇒ See the Changing of the Guards in London.

⇒ Bali, Indonesia.

⇒ Take a tour on the HMS Belfast War Ship in London.

⇒ Lock Bridge in Paris

⇒ Coco Chanel Store in Paris. Another one that might surprise some and few might not be surprised at all. This was probably on my list since I came out of the womb.

⇒ Tour Namibia.

⇒ Kruger National Park. A million times over. I’ll never get tired of visiting the Kruger.


So this is just a few things at the top of our travel bucket list. It goes without saying that all the other Europe countries are on our list too. If you know of some cool places that we might be interested in, let me know so that I can add that to our list too. And be sure to check back regularly, as we tick these off.

Click here to read my post about what Dark Tourism is.

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